jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Jesus Freak The Bare foot Bandit - Metal Machine Music

based on lou reed's masterpiece,in an empty bakery ,using everything in the building to make this recording.instruments included:sm.proof tank,lg.tank,double door tank,stack of metal trays,garage door,aluminum door,lift jack,lg. rack,mixer,1,2,& 4 lb. weights,plastic tray,spare tire,water tank,ice scoop,bucket,pitcher,sink,cat,a.m.radio,amplifier,fans lg. and box,razor blade,lighter,slicing machine,stale hero bun,steel dolly,corn cart,old tray cart,billy's guitar,wire brush,stainless trays,stainless steel rolling table,water,soda machine,telephone ,boxes,broom,soda can,all run thru a boss digital delay pedal.it,s quite the journey,and you gotta want it.true industrial music made in a factory,spacy and atmospheric lots of quiet parts,think you're up for it?


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